September 24th 2016, Bucharest, Romania

I have always agreed that we have to do each thing at its moment. It is like the train in the train station. If you are not there at the right timing, you miss it. It does not mean that I always do that. I will, probably, always remember a story my mother told me when I was small about this poor boy who asked his parents for new boots for the winter. Then the parents asked him to do some work in the barn, but they would not check. He obviously did not do the work and when the parents asked, he would say the opposite. Then, the winter came and he asked for boots. His mother told him: “Well, had you done what I asked you to, you would have found the boots in the barn”.

Especially as I consider myself a sociable and social person and as I attend so many conferences with international participation I would like to keep in touch with those people. The problem is that I always postpone mail answering/sending thinking that when I will have time, I will write consistent emails with useful information for the other one and a small presentation of what I do etc. Well, postponing became never many times. For example, I have not answered yet this very friendly lawyer who after the Willem C. Vis Moot Competition in Vienna this March sent me two of his articles and wrote me some thoughts. Same to a judge from Cote d’Ivore. The list was endless, but I shortened it a little last weekend.

It got to me tonight as I – finally – started reading an article of an Swiss attorney-at-law whom I had met at the Hague Academy of Private International Law this year and who sent me one of his articles on ICSID Arbitration. He was citing the work of a renowned professor from Switzerland and one of the attorneys working for him. Last week I had a meeting with the latter. Had I read the article when I was supposed to, this would have made a great impression on her. I will be back with news on what happened and on the article.

Time is not lost  – yet. I an striving permanently NOT to postpone, probably the biggest sin of all professional people.


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