When I am in the plane, I like to write. Hand write. I wrote this text while I was in the plane taking me to the Hague Academy of International Law on the 27th of July 2013.

I have a smile in the corner of my lips as I realize I am writing with a dark green pen from Konrad & Partners, which I received in Vienna, during the Willem C. Vis Mood Competition on International Commercial Arbitration. I tend to take a symbol of each of my professional trips to my following one, as a sign of continuity. Actually, I just remembered that I wore the dress I bought while I was at the Koln Arbitration Academy at the official opening of the Vis Moot. Professional superstitions!

Airports have always given me a special feeling. I think they capture the right picture of life, the way it is, continuously mingling, with strangers, things that come at a too high price, family or loneliness, discriminatory advantages, hopes, turbulence every now and then, tears when saying goodbye and new beginnings.

I am reading about the International Court of Justice (where I am heading to), the visit of President Peter Tomka to Bucharest, the possible acceptance of the mandatory jurisdiction of the ICJ by Romania and the public debate that was launched in February and was concluded in June this year, about Demetru Negulescu and Dimitie Alexandru Sturdza.

I’m reading Is Harmonisation a Necessary Evil? The Future of Harmonisation and New Sources of International Trade Law by Loukas Mistelis . New articles ideas start appearing. I am thinking about my PhD.

Turbulence, like in life.

But the law principles help you not deviate from your road. “When turbulence  continue reading international law.”


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