September 22nd 2016, Bucharest, Romania

The dawn found me with a book in my hands. I could have continued forever.

Then, I had that wonderful Sunday when you spend quality time with yourself. I agree with the saying: “I rarely get bored and never while I am by myself”. I listened to old songs as I arranged all my papers and my thoughts, as I planned the next week and the following years. I listened to Sade as I answered mails from the friends I have made at the Dusseldorf International Arbitration School in 2011, at the Koln Arbitration Academy in 2012 and at the Hague Academy of Private International Law this year.

Of course, we write about our professional activities. Here are two fo the mails I sent:

to a friend in Switzerland whom I have met in Dusseldorf

“About myself, I passed the Bucharest Bar exam last October. Now I am during my aprenticeship, let’s say, which lasts for 2 years. During this period we have to work for a law firm and also attend classes of a special school called the National Institute of Perfectioning and Training of Lawyers. I had some modules this year and I will have 8 more until November 2014, when I will take my final lawyer exam.

As for the system here in Romania, once you’re in the Bar you can either do consultancy or go to court. I did only arbitration for the first year and now I go to court, but there is no difference, I could have gone to court from the beginning. So I guess I am attorney. I actually switched to litigation be cause I was admitted to an International Arbitration LLM here in Bucharest (I really need to brag about this I was admitted first with maximum score, so I got full state tuition ) and so, if I go to court in the morning I start the day earlier and can attend the afternoon classes. But I love it, because I build up experience and I become more spontaneous. – here’s a short presentation of the LLM.

Other than that I published 2 articles on arbitration – one of domestic arbitration and one on the new ICC Rules, I attended the courses of The Hague Academy of Private International Law this summer and of Koln Arbitration Academy last summer. Well, that is mostly it. No holiday for 3 years, only weekends maybe. All holiday is exclusively for career purposes, but I feel I am on the right track, so that is what is important. But it gets tiring.

…oh, the Vis Moot. I helped with coaching the University of Bucharest team – I was not official coach as I do not work for the university and also participated as arbitrator during the competition. I will do the same this year and participate again next April as arbitrator.”

to a friend from Japan currently studying in Madrid

“I will start school in October. Until then I am going to court a lot, because in order to be able to go to classes of the LLM I crossed to the litigation department, because so I start the day earlier – at 8 sharp I’m there. I’m trying to keep a professional blog, but I don’t have time for it and when I do I’m so tired I don’t feel like writing stuff that make me smart and professional.”


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“I rarely get bored and never while I`m by myself” ?! wow.such a strong personality;baby !!

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