September 21st 2016, Bucharest, Romania

When I created this blog I thought I will write periodically and describe my most relevant professional and entertainment activities. The proof that being a lawyer is not a profession that offers you time for hobbies and passions is that I barely wrote a few times.

It is true that I have not undertaken a serious responsibility, I have not created a writing schedule and did not promise not to ever break it. But now I do!

My last weeks, actually months, have been crazy. My next weeks, the same. Schedule fixed until he end of 2014 and also some of 2015.

It is Saturday night and I think it is one of my few weekends – the only one this year I think – that I spend at home entirely just cleaning, replacing summer outfits, planning the future (my favorite hobby), throwing needless stuff. Most of all, I am catching up with the sleeping hours.

I returned from the Hague at mid August. Things started getting crazy and I have been on the road ever since. My flight landed at 2 AM, I complained to my friend waiting for me at the airport for 2 hours how I could not breathe because of the temperatue diffference, went to sleep. 4 hours later I was at office. For myself, it Moday has already begun, it is like a looong activity that ends on Friday night. And so it did. Travel for 6 hours after working day – colleague guests at home for our other colleague’s wedding – wedding – travel back – Monday morning. I had in mind only the weeks spent in the Hague, the amazing teachers, the curriculum, the great people I had met, all very fresh and concentrated on their carrers.

Then judicial holiday ended and so did the quiet days of summer.

Last Friday was September 13. I woke up at 5:30 AM and went to the Law Faculty. I had registered for the International Arbitration LLM at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law, I had passed the English interview – the LLM shall be exclusively in English – and now I was taking the theoretical exam. The subjects were the new ICC Rules and the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration. 10 AM, I was back at work and I had to write the same day a counterclaim. Done!  Travel for 6 hours after working day – return Sunday night at 2 AM. 9 AM…Monday morning.


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