I got through the security check, through the imposing gates of the Peace Palace and after the picture for the badges was taken everybody is mingling waiting for the opening speech of Mr. Yves Daudet, Emeritus Professor of Public International Law at University Paris I Sorbonne and also the Secretary General of the Academy.

The opening speech is given in French. Professor Daudet talked about various aspects of what he called “studious holiday”:

– the embryo of the Academy which was the Peace Conferences in Hague in 1899 and 1907, but also the ones in London, Paris and Hague in 1914,

– the decisive contribution of Tobias Asser, lawyer and Nobel Prize laureate for the activity at the Academy, who donated the necessary money to create the Academy,

– the biggest advantage of Hague as International Law center, the added value of the summer course, respectively the place where I am writing this post, the Peace Palace Library, the biggest International Law library in the world, to which the students have full access

– the Curatorium (not the aquarium, as he said) which is composed of highly regarded law professors and whose President is the Former Secretary General of the United Nations,

– the official languages of the Academy, French an English (all lectures and seminars have simultaneous translation)

– 40.000 participants from all over the world in 90 years of activity,

– night escapades are not the jurisdiction of the Academy,

– the Diploma and its exceptionally selective character,

– the 9 seminars,

– the visits to the embassies of the friendly countries who answered positively to the Academy’s initiative,

– the research networking for the doctoral thesis provided by the Academy,

– professors love contact with students, that’s their purpose,

– the incredible access to so many persons interested in the same field, for those who have an “utilitary vision of life”,

– the professors of the Academy from the United States, Greece, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Egypt, Luxembourg, Germany, Japan etc.

Further, someone from the AAA (Association of Attendees and Alumni of the Academy) presented the juridical, cultural, diplomatic visits and the leisure activities. These are diverse, from visits to Eurojust, the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Peace Palace tours, visits to the surroundings of Hague, such as Delft, Leiden, a cook out with traditional food and drinks from the countries of the participants, a beach party.

Today’s lectures:

Transnational Commercial Law and Conflict of Laws: Institutional Co-operation and Substantive Complementarity (Herbert KRONKE, Professor at Heidelberg University)

Conflict among Enforcement Regimes in International Economic Law (Hannah BUXBAUM, John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics, Indiana University)

Efficiency in Private International Law (Toshiyuki KONO, Professor at Kyushu University)

The Legal Status of Public and Private Standards in International Economic Relations (Jan WOUTERS, Professor at the University of Leuven)


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