I am for the first time in Netherlands, I have arrived 24 hour ago and I have already walked for more than 10 hours and a few tens kilometers.

I didn’t get a map, I simply let myself led by the city, I found my way on the beautiful streets. Without a to do list, without deadline, without an umbrella.

Weather is great. I took off my shoes and I walked on the beach. I sat on the sand and ate mango, pineapple, cantaloupe and coconut. I took pictures of surfers and children playing on the beach.

I went past the law bookstore of Hague and wrote on my list Crawford’s Public International Law Principles.

There re bicycles everywhere. Small ones, little ones, 2 in 1, with a hank, with bags, with a basket, with a box, with a mustache. Neat and work out. Flower power or rock’n’roll. Animal print or carrying small animals and kids.

I am writing from Cocono, a beach side colorful terrace, from some tall beds with huge pillows where I’m laying and soaking up the sun, enjoying the Spanish music, the happiness of the people surrounding me, the perfectly blue sun, the memories I gathered so far, the rose wine.

There is one particular song playing right now. I think of all the things that I went through, of the thrilling evolution of the last years. Actually, the place is called Cocomo, but I liked the cocoon idea a lot more. e butterfly I am today, as I am this professional cocoon  and I shall become the rarest butterfly. I am here with a purpose, after all.

Tomorrow is the first day of the lectures. I went to the Peace Palace and I simply looked at it. I cannot see a greater honor than studying at such a high and internationally recognized level in this Mecca of International Law.

Where Dimitrie Alexandru Sturdza, the Prime Minister of Romania at the time set basis of The Hague Academy of Private International Law, attended within the last 80 years by the most important actors in International Law field. Where Demetru Negulescu was judge at the International Court of Justice for 23 years, an achievement unequaled ever since by a Romanian judge. Where Romania won the continental shelf in the Romania vs. Ukraine proceedings, according to the only unanimous decision ever rendered by the International Court of Justice. Where the lawyers, especially Bogdan Aurescu left a great impression – remark made by a International Law professor. Where I shall study for the next three week. (28.07.2013)


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