4th of November 2012. Today it’s a special day. It is the First Day of my future lawyer career. When my colleague announced me this afternoon that I passed the Bar Exam, besides almost dropping the telephone, I thought I was dreaming. I was looking out the window. I had forgotten of my friend in the telephone and I drifted to a parallel world. I was thinking the light I was seeing is not real, that it is night and I am actually dreaming. I congratulated her politely, and  even though I understood what she was telling me, I could not process the information.

The hundreds (no exaggeration) of messages and phone calls convinced me a little. I had succeeded. For me. I did not let down the ones who trusted me. I broke my own record. I stepped on another step.

Tomorrow is the first day when I will enter through the fabulous gates of the building where I have worked during the last two years, from July 2010 more precisely, not as paralegal, but as junior lawyer.

It is by far the biggest achievement of my life, and under the burden of being a lawyer at only 22 years old (the youngest in the country), I feel like an ant. Actually I am an ant, even with the steps ahead that I have over my colleagues that have not worked before or who have not been used to the long and strict schedule of the law firms.

I like how it sounds and today I promise myself that I will become and elephant.


Afisarea rezultatelor

How 4 noiembrie 2012. Astazi este o zi speciala pentru mine. Este prima zi din viitoarea mea cariera in avocatura. Cand colega mea m-a anuntat dupa-masa ca am luat baroul, pe langa ca era sa scap telefonul din mana, credeam ca visez. Priveam pe geam. Uitasem de de colega mea si ma afundasem intr-o lume paralela. Credeam ca lumina pe care o vad nu e reala, ca e noapte si de fapt visez. Nu mi s-a intamplat pana acum sa am impresia, la propriu, ca visez. Din politete am felicitat-o si pe ea si cu toate ca intelegeam ceea ce rostea, nu puteam procesa informatia.

Sutele (fara exagerare) de felicitari m-au mai convins. Am reusit. Pentru mine. Nu i-am dezamagit pe cei care au avut incredere in mine. M-am depasit pe mine. Am pasit inca o trapta.

Maine este prima zi in care voi intra pe portile impunatoare ale cladirii in care am lucrat in ultimii doi ani, din iulie 2010 mai exact, insa nu ca paralegal, ci in calitate de avocat stagiar.

Este de departe cea mai mare reusita a vietii mele, iar sub greutatea a ceea ce inseamna a te prezenta ca avocat la 22 de ani, ma simt o furnica. De fapt sunt o furnica, cu tot avansul pe care il am fata de colegii mei care nu au mai lucrat sau care nu au fost obisnuiti cu programul strict si lung al caselor de avocatura.

Imi si place cum suna, iar astazi imi promit mie ca voi ajunge un elefant.


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